Room Envy: The Living Room from “Home Again”


Don’t you just love it when a movie has to-die-for real estate porn?  I have picked up many decorating ideas and tricks from movies.  Case in point:  I placed a small blue and white lamp in my kitchen after seeing that Meg Ryan’s character had the same in You’ve Got Mail — and I had it for many years.

I haven’t seen Home Again yet but Julia from Hooked on Houses featured the set designs of Reese Witherspoon’s fictional house (which is actually a real house in Brentwood) and I fell in love.

I am partial to Spanish and Mediterranean style houses, probably because I lived in southern California for a good fifteen years.  That fact alone makes me somewhat biased to like the designs of these sets but the living room caught me by surprise as I am usually not an overly girly girl.  Most of my own furnishings tend to have darker shades and this living room is most definitely feminine, with its cream tones and pinks spread throughout.  I’ve found as I get more life experience, I like pink more and more.

You’ll see from the pictures below that the walls are very neutral, as well as the window treatments and most of the furniture.  Pops of color are brought in via the large rug, comfy pillows, the cushion on what appears to be a daybed, flowers, books and various knickknacks.

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the obviously feminine, yet classic, room?






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