Travel Must Haves: David’s Been Here Toiletry Bag



Oh boy, do I love it when I find travel gear and products that make my life easier!  This fantastic toiletry bag from David’s Been Here fits that bill and then some.

Back in the day (i.e., before I got this bag) I would have my makeup bag plus a toiletry bag that would zip or around, like a mini-suitcase.  Great for getting everything you needed but a real pain in the butt to pack because it took up a lot of real estate.

Enter the David’s Been Here toiletry bag.  This little gem holds absolutely everything you need.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial soap, makeup remover wipes, hairbrush, razor, vitamins, medications, washcloth or bath poof.  You name it.  It will fit.  I’ve even left my makeup bag at home and gotten all my cosmetic goods in here.  The brilliance of the bag lies in the fact that it expands out, not up.  You can quite literally throw it on top of your clothing in your suitcase and take up zero space (or at least no more than a folded shirt or two would.)

LoriThe kit comes with a handy metal hanger, allowing you to hang this bag on a hook in your bathroom, keeping it conveniently close by but off the sink and allowing your hygiene items to stay packed up.  No worries about leaving anything behind and no concerns about this hook breaking.

There is also a handle on the exterior of the bag for easy grabbing on the go.

Multiple zippered compartments keep you neat and organized.  The far right compartment will extend, giving you plenty of room for larger items like electric toothbrushes or razors, or hair brushes.

The bag is also made of a fabric that is not only easy to clean but water repellant.  Spills are no problem! It comes in multiple colors (I have the male and female friendly gray) and is available through the David’s Been Here website.

I highly recommend this book.  I have not traveled once without it, since receiving it.  It is honestly the first thing I grab when I drag out my suitcase and begin packing.  Totally cliché but I wouldn’t leave home without it.

With thanks to David Hoffmann for sending me this brilliant bag for review and apologies that it took me so long to praise it.

To see the David’s Been Here Toiletry Kit in action, here is David himself demonstrating.  Enjoy!




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