Product Review: Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag


Plan a trip nowadays and you’re sure to hear “daypack” and “anti-theft” thrown around a lot and with good reason.  When taking a day trip or excursion, you’ll find you need some, if not all, the following:  your camera, itinerary, map(s), sweater or jacket, mobile phone, iPad, umbrella, bottle(s) of water, portable battery, sunglasses, reading glasses, contact lenses case, aspirin, Band-Aids, and your ID, cash and/or credit card(s).  Whew!  It’s a lot, right?

Most tourist locations have tightened up security and the ubiquitous backpack isn’t always allowed in.  Sure, you may be able to check it but that can defeat the purpose of taking some of the above items with you.  Daypacks most definitely are the way to go.

I purchased Travelon’s Anti-Theft Tour Bag after researching many, many options.  I wanted something that would be spacious enough to carry my necessities but it had to be a crossbody as shoulder bags aggravate my back and neck issues.  I didn’t want to appear any more obvious as a traveler than absolutely necessary so if it looked kinda-sorta like a purse, all the better.

travelon2This bag ticked all the boxes for me.  It’s amazingly roomy!  A dedicated tablet or e-reader compartment safely and snugly holds my iPad, as well as any printed itineraries, maps or tickets.  Interior compartments will hold your mobile phone, glasses, tissues, first aid, cosmetics, etc.   A removable LED light allows you to light up the interior if you are out at night, digging for your keys.   Even pens have a dedicated space to stay handy.  A separate zippered section of the front of the bag has separate slots for identification, credit cards and your passport, as well as paper and coin money. 

An exterior mesh pocket will hold your water bottle or umbrella.  Being on the outside of the bag makes for easy access and if you don’t need it, it zips closed.

The bag is also water resistant, which is certainly nice to have in rainy climates or even in the event of a spill during dinner.

travelon3Security-wise, you can’t do much better.  The bag itself is padded, giving fantastic protection to your fragile items.  Both the shoulder straps and the bag itself have slash-proof fabric so no worries about your pack being cut by thieves while out and about.   Even the bottom of the bag is protected.   RFID blocking is put to use in the front pocket, where your credit card(s), passport and ID are housed.  All zippered compartments have slots that allow you to “lock” them to deter pickpockets.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and this utilitarian bag is available in multiple colors, meaning it works equally well for men or women.  I elected to go with the bag in olive, as it matched my backpack.

Is there any downside to the Travelon bag?  It seems ironic but on certain days, there was almost too much room in the bag!  I would go through multiple compartments looking for that one thing and it was usually while others were waiting on me.  Small price to pay to carry everything I needed.  And comfortably – – I worried that my shoulder/upper body would get tired from the constant weight but I didn’t have that problem.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag is a solid choice for your travels.  I used mine during a 16 day jaunt through France and England and it held up wonderfully, with no casualties.  My mobile phone, iPad, sunglasses and reading glasses all made it back home safely.  I have used the bag since for excursions about town and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it not only for your travels but also for your daily life.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Tour Bag is available for purchase through Travelon‘s website, as well as other vendors such as Amazon.  It comes in Black, Midnight (blue), Nutmeg, Olive, and Stone and currently the price ranges anywhere from $40.00 to $80.00.


Disclaimer:  I was not paid nor otherwise compensated or endorsed for this review.  I purchased this product of my own accord and with my own funds.




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