The Meaning Behind the Color of Your Flowers

With Mothers Day just around the corner, as well as heading full-on into wedding season, do you know the symbolism behind the color of your blooms?


Red –  Choose red to signify desire, strength and passionate love. Any arrangement with red in it conveys beauty, courage, and heat.


pink flowers

Pink –  If you want to reflect grace, happiness, and overall gentility, think pink!  A bouquet of pink flowers showcase joy, innocence, and youth.


Blue –  Peace, serenity and openness, blue flora is thy name.  An arrangement with blue blooms can ease tension, erase anxiety and calm worries.


Purple – Purple has long been a color of royalty and religious significance, and its coordinating blossoms send a message of dignity, pride and success.  Using them in a bouquet is a sign of admiration and accomplishment.


lavender ranunculus-625307_640

Lavender –  Flowers of this color are defined by refinement, grace and elegance.  Their use, whether alone or with other flowers, is a sign of femininity and beauty.


Yellow – Naturally, the color of sunshine stands for joy and a lighthearted nature.  Receiving yellow blossoms symbolizes friendship, new beginnings and happiness.

orange flowers

Orange –  Orange blooms are a sign of understanding and sincerity.  Receiving them signifies thanks and gratitude.


White –  Perhaps the most elegant of the flora, white flowers are the ultimate in modesty and simple beauty.  The white bloom reflects innocence, humility and reverence.


Green –  Green flowers are complimentary to all other blossoms, representing health, good fortune, resilience and youth.  Used in a bouquet or arrangement, they equate optimism and renewal.


*Information received from Teleflora



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