Shame on Us

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The American Presidential Election of 2016 is turning into what some media outlets/pundits have called “Shame of Thrones.”  They aren’t far off the mark.

While shameful and nasty behavior during elections is not totally uncommon – – in 1964, Lyndon Johnson systematically destroyed Barry Goldwater’s character via a smear team; in 2004 John Kerry was also questioned and criticized via a smear campaign; heck, even way back in 1828, Andrew Jackson was labeled a “jackass” and his wife, who had been unusually divorced prior to marrying Jackson, was called a wide variety of lewd names – – this year’s election seems to have reached new lows.

I posted earlier this year why I do not support Hillary Clinton.  I still stand by my post and my opinion. More unsavory aspects of her character and her actions have come to light since I posted and I have not changed my stance.  Since that time, the presidential debates have occurred, the Trump sexual assault allegations, the infamous Trump tape, the various accusations against Clinton and her campaign for coercing the DNC nod against Bernie Sanders, the Podesta Wikileaks emails, the massive donations into the Clinton Foundation by countries who punish and kill women and the LGBT community . . . The list really is endless.

I suppose the mudslinging and the “swiftboat” attempts are not wholly shocking.  The Project Veritas videos in which Clinton campaign members admit to paying persons to attend Trump rallies and start disturbances and outright fights are, as well as persons claiming to destroy those ballets that have Trump votes on them. Good grief, a woman was arrested for smearing peanut butter on cars at a voting site that she suspected were Trump voters.

It’s now become commonplace to verbally harass persons walking into a rally if that rally does not support your candidate.  There is a video circulating now of a woman voting, with her candidate’s name on her shirt.  A group of men, waving a Mexican flag, are shouting at her, intimidating her by getting into her face and the coupe de grace?  Eggs thrown at her.  Shameful, shameful behavior.  And does anyone come to her defense?  Nope.  They are happy to film it though.

The media is certainly doing their part.  No longer reporting “news,” they are instead reporting their opinions and not so subtly endorsing their candidate.  Want to see biased and lopsided reporting?  Turn on your tv to any news station, as no outlet is immune, and keep track of how much time is spent “reporting” the scandal or negativity of one candidate versus another. It’s galling. One media outlet announced the winner of one of the debates before the debate had even occurred.

How and why do we allow this to happen?   For many years the media has cherry picked what we see, how we see it, how long we see it and what angle is presented. Look back to the summer of 2001, a season the media dubbed “Summer of the Shark.”  Reports of shark attacks and deaths were everywhere; not only were the gruesome incidents repeated ad nauseum but it was stated as fact that sharks were getting more aggressive and the attacks on humans more numerous.  The truth however was far different.  In comparing statistics, shark attacks were no higher in 2001 than they were in previous years. Scientists warned that the frenzy was unwarranted.  So why?  And why did we believe that Jaws had come to life?  Simple. It was a slow news month.  And more importantly, the media is very well aware of the power it has over the Average Joe and Average Jane.

They still are.  They know what they report during this election season will be treated as gospel by most, but especially those that are already campaigning for a particular candidate.  They are full aware that reporting nonstop about protests and racial wars will incite flames and fears and create more.  It’s the same thing here. Don’t fall victim to it.

Respect others.  Be tolerant of who they vote for. It’s none of your business who they vote for or why. Leave their personal property alone. Don’t touch another person without their consent. Quit acting like spoiled children on a playground.  Don’t lose friendships over a vote.  Stop the hate.







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