Getting Through Airport Security in a Breeze

Thanks to WhoWhatWear, I found an awesome article penned by a flight attendant on what not to wear when going through airport security.   As travel is difficult enough, what with longer lines, more security checks, overbooked planes and the Pokemon Go addicts, I say to take note.

Ditch the Bulk.

This really goes without saying, doesn’t it?  Kind of like wearing a motorcycle helmet into the bank or rushing a Brinks truck, such action is going to send up red flags.  A lot of them.  A bulky jacket (or any oversize, loose clothing) requires extra screening at the security line which equates to making those already lengthy lines even more stress inducing.

It doesn’t mean that you are forced to freeze your bits off while flying cross country. Choose a lighter better fitting jacket or opt for a pretty scarf which is notmango only stylish but can also double as a blanket to ward off those chills en route.

Toss those old baggy sweatpants and grab Mango’s Drawstring Jogger for a casual, comfortable and yet sleek look while you travel. (And one that won’t embarrass you should you meet up with an ex, your boss or Prince Charming on your flight!)



Easy On, Easy Off.

Save your wonderfully stylish lace up or strappy shoes for your destination.  While in the midst of travel, always go for the pair that you can quickly get on and off, preferably without the use of both hands.  We’ve all been behind those people who bring the line to a standstill with their time consuming footwear (and it always seems to happen when you’re dashing to make your plane.)  Don’t be one of them.

Ladies, even if you qualify for pre-check, bear in mind that those stunning heels may have nails that will set off the body scanners, forcing you to take them off and have them sent through the x-ray machine.  Slowing down the line.  And frankly, those of us who dress for comfort and safety while flying are wincing in pain thinking of our ankles wobbling down the jetway.


Heavy Metal.

I’ll admit, I’ve been guilty of this.  The body scanners are set to detect metal so wearing any kind will cause them to go off.  Bangles on your wrist may seem innocent enough and they make your traveling outfit look so cute but are they really worth the extra time it takes to hold up the line?  (Answer: no.)  Pack them (and other jewelry) away in your carry-on and slide them on once you clear security if you must.

Remember too that some hair accessories are made of metal.  So forgo the bobby pins and metal barrettes and choose a fabric headband and elastic band for a tidy pony.


These Scunci headbands are cute and are only $6.99 per pack at CVS.



Probably the most grievous offender are those travelers who appear as though they have everything but the kitchen sink with them (and I’ve seen one or two of them that looked as though they could be packing a kitchen sink.)  Don’t overpack your bag and make sure to utilize one with a zippered closure.  The zipper will keep everything inside when your bag tips over (and you know it will) going through the xray as well as helping to keep you on track with how much to fill it.


This High Altitude Flight Bag by Genius Pack holds all your in-flight essentials, allows you to charge your Smartphone directly from the pack and wraps around the seat/tray in front of you to save on legroom and provide easy access to what you need.  This handy bag also straps directly to your carry-on or checked bag for easy transport.

What items have you found that improve your traveling experience?



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