Product Review: Pop Perfect Macrame Ballet Flats


Let me disclose.  I have never been that girl or that woman who salivates over shoes and forfeits meals in order to have stylish feet.  Nope, not me.  I like cute sandals and you seriously cannot underestimate a good pair of boots but Carrie Bradshaw I am not.

I suppose it goes without saying that I was happier than a Kardashian at a media event when suits and dresses were phased out of the workplace as daily attire because not only did it mean no more panty(ugh)hose* but also no more pumps.  Yay!

One thing my mother taught me (well, she actually taught me a lot but for the sake of this post, and the fact that no one has all day to read lessons from my mom, we’ll limit it to shoes) was when you find a shoe that you love, buy it in multiple colors if available.  Point taken.

Pop’s Perfect Macrame Ballet Flat ticks all my boxes (um, that sounded way pervy.)  No massive or tilty heel, soooooo comfortable and very cute.  Ladies, this is a shoe you can wear if you’re 25 or 65.  It’s flattering to every foot (and Pop nicely makes it in wide widths as well as regular) and looks equally nice with shorts, jeans or skirts.

download (1)I bought my first pair in the coral color pictured.  The picture really doesn’t do it justice because the shade is beyond gorgeous.  It looks amazing as a pop (ha, get it?  Okay, I’ll stop) of color with jeans, black or khaki pants or something white.  I was thrilled to not only find they looked super cute but these babies come with memory foam so your feet will be in heaven.  I loved them so much I decided that I needed another pair.  Or two. So I added the navy blue and black flats to my closet.

If you’re on a budget, have no fear.  These little darlings normally run $40 a pair at JCPenney (where I picked mine up) so they won’t break the bank.  As a bonus, when I got mine they were on sale for $29.99 as they are now.  So go, go, go!

To wrap this up, not that you needed it, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these shoes.  I wear them almost everywhere and my feet are supremely happy, which makes me a happy camper.   With the awesome sale price (thank you, JCPenney!) I could easily afford to get multiple colors.

Pop Perfect Macrame Ballet Flats, available in Women’s Sizes 5-11, Medium and Wide Widths.

Purchase them at JCPenney here.


Disclaimer:  No, I did not get paid or otherwise endorsed for this review.  I own these shoes because I had time to kill and a JCPenney at my disposal.  However, if JCPenney is interested in throwing me some shoes or advertising on this site, please look me up.

Yep, my feet today in the navy blue flats

*You know how everyone has that one word that sets their teeth on edge?  Yeah, that word for me is “panty.”  I hate it.  Just no.


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