I’m Female and I’m Not Supporting Hillary


When I was in high school, I worked at Kay-Bee Toys at our local mall.  Remember Kay-Bee?  It was a fun part-time job for a teen; I was paid, in part, to play with toys.  Not a bad gig.

I remember thinking, while stocking the aisle with the various Barbie dolls and their accessories that if Barbie could be a professional business woman and vet (this was in the late 80s), why couldn’t Mattel make a President Barbie and a First Man Ken?  It made perfect sense to me.

Flash forward to 2016 and our country has its first female presidential candidate.  Who would have known it would take 30 years but here we are.

I think it’s time we had a woman running for president.  Women represent half the population and there are many successful, smart and capable women.  I’d be happy to have a woman in the Oval Office.  But the right woman.

Some people appear to be supporting and/or planning to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman and only because she’s a woman.  Is that really any different than a man voting for a candidate because he’s a man?  I’m talking sexism, folks.  It’s the opposite of feminism, which is ironic given that Hillary’s platform is considered one of feminist views. For years we have rallied against this.  We are still fighting for equal wages.  I think choosing to support Hillary because she is armed with a vagina is wrong and I say this as a fellow vagina holder.

If skin color shouldn’t matter, shouldn’t genitalia also be irrelevant?

If a Hillary presidency should fail, for whatever reason, after years of fighting for equality, the failure will be blamed on her being a woman.  Not because she wasn’t the right person for the job but because of her sex.  This can and will set women and feminism back the same way the Simpson trial and its verdict burned a racial divide throughout the U.S.

I want the best person to be in office.  This year that may not be a woman.  Heaven forbid I claim that I don’t support Hillary on Facebook; for some it’s like I’ve turned in my woman card and have mounted a specific attack against my sex.  I’ve seen friends unfriending each other and hurling insults, all over a candidate that none of us have met.  What does this say about us as women?  For years critics said that women had no place in the White House because we’re “emotional,” because we can’t handle tough decisions.  I think it’s crap but when these same women are pushing to get someone in the White House via anatomy and are getting into cat fights over personal choices of candidates, aren’t we living up to the stereotype?  What’s next?  We get into our baby doll pajamas and begin hitting each other with pillows?

I don’t support Hillary.  I don’t like her politics, I don’t like the lies she’s been caught on and her fluctuating stance on marriage equality.  I don’t like that the FBI is currently investigating her for deleting over 30,000 emails.  I don’t like that she claims that she will crack down on major corporations, banks . . . and yet is accepting money from those same corporations and banks to fund her campaign.  I don’t like Benghazi.  I don’t like that she claims to be an advocate for women and yet defended a 42 year old man for raping a 12 year old girl, claiming that the girl had enticed the man.  How is this advocating for women?  Or even justice?  Worse still are the audio tapes where you can hear her laughing over the trial. I don’t like what I have read by former aides and political insiders over the years claiming she’s a belligerent and abusive person.  Is this the person that we want to represent us and our country?

Our president needs to be firm but not cruel.   I want a president that supports all people and whose support isn’t for sale.  I am making my decision on policy, not on getting the first woman into the White House.  What about you?


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