Is Your Bedroom Affecting Your Sleep?


Did you know that an estimated 30-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia, with 10% suffering from chronic insomnia?   Insomnia affects all age groups but women are more likely than men to be afflicted with it.

While there can be physical reasons causing insomnia, your bedroom can factor in to this ailment.  How, you ask?

Television/Computer.  This one is a given.  While watching tv in bed can feel like a luxury, it can be overstimulating when it’s time to snooze.  The same is true for computer and cell phone usage and even your e-books.  It’s better to cut off all electronics a good hour before you plan on turning off the lights for the night.  If you absolutely cannot part with your bedroom tv, follow the tenets of feng shui and keep it covered or hidden – – either in a cabinet or with a decorative sheet.

Clutter.  Clutter is nothing more than stagnant energy and can result in lowered energy and depression.  Positive, uplifting spaces require energy to flow freely.  Keep your bed and your foot space clear, stowing items away in closets.  If restricted space makes under the bed storage a necessity, be sure to keep your items neat and tidy in a storage container with a lid.  Not only does the container look nicer than stacks of loose items, but the container will keep the energy from the items within and not affected your sleep above.

Room temperature.  When it comes to good sleep, you need to chill out.  Check your thermostat if the zzzzs aren’t coming; the optimal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees.   If your room is too warm, it may keep you from a deep sleep.  This is also true for a room that is too cool.

Bed position.  Where your bed is located is important to your sleep.  It needs to be in a power position – – against a solid wall, not under a window and not directly in the path of your doorway, although you should be able to see your door from the bed, and not with a view of your bathroom (especially the toilet.)

Mirrors.  In feng shui, it’s thought that mirrors in the bedroom deplete your energy.  The purpose of sleep is to replenish energy so if you’re not sleeping well or waking feeling exhausted, your mirror may be to blame.  Either remove it or cover it at night while you’re sleeping.

Art Work and Photographs.  Everyone loves having photographs of their family and loved ones in their home but the bedroom is not the best place for them.  The pictures have energy and in feng shui, it’s believed they are watching you while you sleep.  Ever try sleeping with someone staring at you?   The art work or posters you choose to put on your walls also affect the overall mood of your space so take a good look at them.  Do they represent a sense of calm and serenity?  If they give off vibrations of energy, depression or even fear, relocate them.

Color.   Color has a tremendous effect on our moods and overall well-being.  Orange may be your favorite color but it’s a stimulator and will likely keep you alert (and perhaps even hungry) rather than inducing sleep.  The best colors for your bedroom are skin tone colors – – whites, ivories, pinks, beiges, olive tones, chocolate browns, etc. If you want to bring in orange, do so with small accents.

Purpose.  In today’s busy society, we not only multitask but we expect our spaces to multitask as well.  Your bedroom’s purpose should be for rest, rejuvenation and intimate contact only.  Don’t use it for storage space, a library, a playroom, a gym or home office.




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